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Welcome Back!

With the grand relaunch of the website and the many changes over the years, I wanted to share where we have been and where we are going.

“I officially opened E11even Photography Studios in 2015, but the whole thing actually started a year earlier: Two separate events that shaped me into the Wedding Photographer I am today.”

First was my cousins Wedding — Emily and Nat were married in 2014 and asked me to photograph their special day. It was the first time I had shot anything of that scale, and the experience took hold of me as something I could actually pursue as a career.

The second event was an exciting two week road trip throughout the United States with my wife, Kristine to celebrate our third Wedding Anniversary. We started our adventure from our little one bedroom apartment in Upstate NY to the warm, sunny cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles. We had the opportunity to visit friends who moved out to the West Coast, and the subject of their Engagement and Wedding came up. We discussed some specifics, and in July of 2015 I had my first official Wedding under the name E11even Photography Studios.

Things took off pretty quickly after that. Year after year, I met new and exciting couples, and was gradually introduced to a supportive network of fellow Wedding Professionals. The work never felt repetitive (like so many of my day jobs) before finding something I was truly passionate about. It grounded me and my goals in a new way.

Then 2020 happened...

And like the rest of the world, I had to stop and reassess everything through sheltering in place by means of masked (and sometimes double-masked) living. I took the opportunity to really think about what I wanted to do going forward.

I started shooting again in the Fall of 2020 when things felt like they were heading in the right direction. With a fair amount of restrictions still at hand, I introduced a new MicroWedding Collection, and hoped to be able to cater to the smaller gatherings that had now become the norm. In many ways, that joy I felt behind the camera again was also tempered with this feeling of how lucky I was to be able to be doing what I loved even in the face of a Global Pandemic.

In early 2021 came more changes. The world stopped again, but in a good way! Nathaniel Hanlon was born, and with him, another reassessment of EVERYTHING that happened prior to his arrival. Isn't he just precious?!

Much like the road trip from 7 years ago, I had to reflect on what I wanted and how I wanted to get there. So I came to the decision to pursue photography full time. It continues to be a challenge, but the results have been incredible!

This has always been a Love Story: Sometimes mine, sometimes yours — A family of images to document the most important moments we all share. To my amazing 75 Couples of the past, thank you so much for trusting us to photograph your Wedding Day — YOU are the reason we’ve gotten this far. And to the many more we have yet to meet...

I can’t wait to see what comes next!

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