Website News

Happy 4th of July to everyone! Hope that you all have some time this month for BBQs & going to the beach... We are definitely going to have to make time for that. In the thick of it all, I've decided to make a crazy decision & update the entire site with some fresh work. As a part of the overhaul, I'll be working on a brand new "About Us" page including a FAQ section & some links to other pages on our site to make it a little more flexible to reach out directly. The new "Galleries" page will feature three sections: Weddings, Engagements, Portrait Sessions. It just breaks up the main page a little bit more... Now, you can see each gallery individually & don't worry, they're all labeled! The private gallery is just as interactive. If you'd like to see more photos from a Wedding or Portrait Session, just click on the gallery you like & it will bring you to "Our favorites" page... Then, you have the option to see 9 other galleries with 11 images specific to that section. Isn't that sweet?! Moving on to the "Blog" page, I hope to make the fonts a bit more readable while still being fun (& not too serious LOL)... The "Packages" page will remain the same, but the "Books" page will see yet another font change & side by side comparison of the 2 kinds of Wedding albums we offer. I've also decided to add a FAQ section to this page as well, as I just recently ran into a few questions myself... In the near future, I'm sure we'll be putting another sample of images on the "Books" page so you can see the difference between our Wedding albums & the 6x6 Parent/Engagement books we now offer. So that will be in the works as soon as we get some much needed down time. Phew! After all of that, you'll see a much cleaner "Contact" page... just some regular maintenance, but when you pick it apart like this in the heat of Wedding season... Well, it just takes time. Here we go! Be safe lighting off all those awesome fireworks, & as always...

Happy 11:11