Monthly Update

Well, Tim has been editing. And editing. And editing. It never ends & we LOVE it. There's been some much needed progress since I posted on the 1st... Website is looking good. I hope that you all enjoy the changes I've made thus far. There will be more work coming soon. I've been busy updating the "Reviews" page... I gave it a new, simple look. Change is good, & we strive to offer you something different to look at... not just the same old same old. Looking ahead, our June weddings should be receiving their photos very, VERY soon. Aaron, Bri, Joe & Jaime... don't worry, your images are in processing! We appreciate your patience, & of course we'll keep you up-to-date on our progress. Looking forward to a "Trash The Dress" session later this summer & possibly another Engagement Session, too. As I was saying before, the site will be updated with more work/images as that becomes available to me. We are in the works of getting some promotional materials to a few venues we've had the pleasure of visiting. Tying up some loose ends, but it looks like we'll be returning to the AAWA's Wedding Show this September, as well. We are planning to have some samples of the new products we now offer on hand, so you can check them out in person or just stop over to say "Hey!"... There are always so many great vendors there, & it's been super awesome to be a part of their show! We are looking forward to it. Mobile site should be up & running, but there are restrictions... The mobile site does not have ALL the features that the desktop version does. For example, the FAQ sections are not available on the mobile site & some of the features of the "Blog" page are not available. Simply, it just cannot support as much as a larger screen can. But when you have access to a larger screen, please DO take advantage of all of the great features we can offer you so you can see our lovely images up close. With that said, I've also had to fix a couple bugs on the website directly involving the "Intro" page, which Tim has told me "Not EVERY day is Teddy Bear Picnic Day"... to which I reply "No... Tim... every day IS Teddy Bear Picnic Day" (HeeHee... we have fun!) In all seriousness, I apologize for that glitch in the system that wouldn't let you in to access the main site & menu in desktop mode. It should all be cleared up now. Enjoy the updates! We'll see you in August & as always...

Happy 11:11