Wedding Albums

Our Wedding Albums are completely custom made by our designer Kristine Hanlon. Based on the size of the album you choose, she will be organizing anywhere between 50-225 images to fit the aesthetics of the day and to match those perfect moments so they can flow from one page to the next-- to tell your story from beginning to end.


All of our Wedding Albums are Crystal Cover Lay Flat books, with a leatherette binding, and we offer the following customizable options:

Album sIZES

8x8                10x10                12x12

Page Count runs between 22-50 pages, CLICK HERE to see all the size/page/image variations we offer and their prices. Remember, when you book a Wedding Collection, you receive a credit towards whatever album(s) you purchase.

Parent Albums

Parent Albums are an 8x8 hard cover replica of your Wedding Album, with completely customizable text options for the cover, as well as a large selection of color options.


Click Here for the pricing breakdown, and remember you get 11% off if you buy two or more!

Engagement Albums

Included with your Engagement Session is a 6x8 hard cover album. It's 16 pages and includes 20 images + one Cover Image