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Every Image is a Love Story


The first time I took pictures at a wedding was in 2007, as a favor for a family friend. It was a brick of an HP brand camera with an 8gb memory card, but that didn't stop me from falling madly in love with the craft. During the recessional, everyone was blowing bubbles instead of throwing rice and I managed to get a shot of a single bubble floating perfectly in front of a celebratory kiss and I knew (way before I knew) that this is what I wanted to do.


Wedding Photography is complex, beautiful, and specific. It is the process of telling your unique love story in my bold and authentic style. Since officially starting this business in 2015, I have had the pleasure of getting to know a diverse collection of wonderful couples and working with them to capture their day in a way that is striking, and timeless. This work has always been a love story, a little bit of mine, a little bit of yours, and every once in a while with perfect bubbles floating into frame.

wedding photography
wedding photography

Our Wedding Collections

We have designed four Wedding Collections to fit your style and budget. From a small intimate gathering, to a showstopping morning to night extravaganza -- We've got you covered.


Every Collection includes an interactive planning process and final detail consultation, a Full Digital Download of all your images, and a year long access to our Print Shop.

Other benefits vary per Collection.

Collection Pricing Ranges from $1,700 - $5,150 


A Micro-Wedding includes up to 5 hours of coverage for intimate gatherings of 50 guests or less.


This is the perfect Collection for a small, exclusive and stylish get-together.





All the hallmarks of classic Wedding Photography at a fraction of the cost.

Collection II includes 6 hours of coverage which is perfect for smaller gatherings and is just enough time to get a little bit of everything.



Our most popular Collection

Ideal for any couple who wants to remember all the details of their day.

A full 8 hours of coverage gives us the freedom to really take our time and focus on the big picture. This Collection also includes a free Engagement Session.



Everything you could ever want or need!

At least 10 hours of coverage and a second photographer guarantees a full and artful documenting of your entire day from beginning to end.

This Collection is top of the line, and perfect for a big and busy celebration.


Engagement Session is included.

wedding photography

For more information on our Collections, and to let us know a little more about what you're looking for send us a message and we'll set up a quick chat to go over everything and answer any questions you may have. 

wedding photography
wedding photography


Do you want full control over your Wedding Photography experience?

You can Build Your Own!

This package can be put together two different ways:

1- The Simple Selection: Choose how many hours you need, if you'd like a second photographer, and if you'd like an Engagement Session... And thats it! Everything else (Albums, Canvas, Prints) can be purchased separately after you receive your images from our Print Shop. 

2- The Whole Package: Choose everything you want in a package all your own-- and when you receive your images we will work with you to get your items ordered as soon as possible!

Hourly Rate For a Build Your Own Weddings is: $300 (with a two hour minimum)

Second Photographer (1-5 Hours): $500    (6-8 Hours): $600


wedding photography
wedding photography
wedding photography

What's Next? Lets Talk!

Let's set up a FREE consultation! It's a half hour meeting in which we can discuss our Collections and BYO in detail, as well as get an idea of what you want for your special day.

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